I am the only secular Humanist Celebrant (Officiant) to offer wedding ceremonies in the Greater Yellowstone region. The weddings and other life events are which I officiate are mostly for the non-religious or those who find their spirituality more aligned with secular Humanist values. I am a member of the American Humanist Association and my ordainment as secular clergy comes through an affiliated organization – The Humanist Society. Please see my certificate and letter of appointment from the Humanist Society.

My journey to becoming a humanist clergy, and therefore finding meaning in helping others celebrate occasions, such as weddings, funerals, coming of age, births, is covered in the 75th issue of The Humanist magazine, Jan/Feb 2016. See my article here.

The Jackson Hole News & Guide wrote an article about me. See the article here.

About Humanist Celebrants: Humanist Society Celebrants are Clergy since the Society was chartered in 1939 as a religious organization, in order to allow its people the ability to do weddings and other ceremonies. When Certified by the Humanist Society, Humanist Celebrants gained the same legal status in all 50 states that clergy of "traditional faiths" enjoy. Any regulations or stipulations regarding registration as clergy that applies to them also applies to Humanist Celebrants.