Weddings that I officiate run the gamut from a simple elopement with a couple of witnesses to grand, formal affairs with a couple of hundred guests. Officiants' duties usually expand in direct proportion to the extent of the wedding ceremony.

Therefore in order to compensate myself fairly for time taken away from my other work, there is a spread in what is costs for me to officiate weddings.  $150 for an elopement wedding in my office (which is a very pleasant place for such an occasion) - to $650 for weddings with one or two prior meetings with the couple to create a personalized service, and my presence at a rehearsal.  Travel time from Jackson is billed additionally at $75/hr. in 15 minute segments. The following tariff is a guideline for wedding ceremonies held in Jackson. Larger, traditional weddings with more complex ceremonies and numerous guests may take longer and therefore incur extra fees at $50 / hr.

Elopement: short, unrehearsed, simple ceremony  - 2 participants and 2 wintesses.                                                                 $150           
Small Wedding with standard ceremony (chosen from a selection of ten) and vows. In Jackson,  Immediate family.                      $250
Wedding with one prior meeting (in person, by phone or e-mail) to create personalized service.  1 hr. travel time.                   $300
Wedding with two prior meetings (in person, by phone or e-mail) to create personalized service.   1 hr. travel time                  $400
Above, with my presence at rehearsal (Recommended for more elaborate weddings)                                                                 $450
And so on and so forth....

Notes on ceremonies and fees:

A personalized ceremony is written by the couple, with help from the officiant and usually reference to ceremonies gleaned from many resources on wedding readings, vows etc. A personalized ceremony can be 100% original, or an amalgamation of preferred parts of other ceremonies. Personalized Ceremonies may also contain rituals such as ribbon-tying, butterfly release, wine ceremony and others. Personalized ceremonies will require at least one visit with the couple from me - more elaborate ones with rituals will require two - and rehearsal is recommended.

Travel Time Guidelines from Jackson:    (All times include return journey))                                                  At $75/hr.
These times can be as much as doubled during high summer season.  Actual journey time will be billed.                       

  • Teton Village                                                   1.0hr.

  • Gondola Summit                                             1.30hr.

  • Swabacher's Landing                                       1.15hr.

  • Moran/ Grand Teton Lodge                            1.45hr

  • Wilson                                                             1.0hr.

  • Yellowstone Park / Flagg Ranch                      2.5hr.

  • Yellowstone Park / Old Faithful                      5.30hr.